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Aid has become a lost vocabulary, supporting the most disadvantaged is a secular priority. With SadaqaToken, you will be able to support people living in poverty by giving donations or paying your Zakat…2,5% of your income paid through our token…

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The secret of financial success


 » I will tell you a secret, protect it well! You know what the best investment is, the answer is in this picture of a ball of wheat.

« Those who spend their wealth in the path of Allah are like a grain from which seven ears of wheat are born, each ear contains a hundred grains. For Allah multiplies the reward to whom He wills… » – Quran –  »

Our team

« Don’t forget our motto is anonymity, doing good away from the spotlight »

 » Like Satoshi Nakomoto I have chosen anonymity, what is important is that your investment is in good hands, those of a man you trust  »

eljabir sadoqi
Sadoqi Eljabir

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