This project is a huge concept that cannot be the exclusive responsibility of one person. This project being linked to the « Zakat Al Maal » it is a civil but also a religious and spiritual responsibility, that is why only serious people or institutions can integrate this project…

The door is therefore open to all those who wish to see this project grow, I solicit the actors of the Ummah « The Muslim community » in priority but others are welcome.

This project must develop digitally and in terms of computer coding… Lawyers and auditing firms are also being asked to participate…

This project is partly religious because it encourages Muslims to pay the zakat so that it can be redistributed in good hands and it is with this objective that it was created!

Sheikhs, respected and recognized Imams, Muslim donors attracted by this project are all called to contact us. This is the opportunity of the century to improve the situation of a part of the World which is in a critical and decisive phase…

I invite you to join us in all our social networks, to create a solid and united community as the Shiba Army is… Share our White paper, spread our mottos and slogans, contact us for any professional question or simple query.



                                                                     Some of our slogans :


« Solidarity projects have priority over Shitcoin projects… »

« The SDT is like a grain from which seven ears of wheat are born, each ear contains a hundred grains… »

« Like Satoshi Nakomoto I have chosen anonymity, what is important is that your investment is in good hands, those of a man you trust… »

« Don’t forget our motto is anonymity, doing good away from the spotlight… »

« Aid has become a lost vocabulary, supporting the most disadvantaged is a secular priority… »

« The secret of your investment lies in the image of this wheat ball… »


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