Buy the SDT token


Our token is on the PancakeSwap platform, it takes 1 BNB to buy 10 000 SDT, you will need the Metamask application to get SDT tokens. The transaction fees in Binance Smart Chaîn is cheaper than Ethereum chaîn…

If you are familiar with Metamask and Pancakeswap transactions, you can use this link directly or follow the instructions below :


Our BSC address :



                  You will need to follow these steps if you are a novice :


  1. Start by registering on Binance and buying BNB:

  1. Then open a Wallet in the decentralized application « Metamask »:

  1. Configure the Binance Smart Chain on your metamask wallet:

At the top of the Metamask app, click on « Ethereum Core Network », then at the very bottom on « Custom RPC ». You will see several blank fields.

Here is the information to fill in :


             Network name: Binance Smart Chain

             New RPC URL:

             Chain ID: 56

             Symbol: BNB

             Block Explorer URL:


  1. Transfer your BNBs purchased on Binance to your wallet « Metamask » after choosing the Binance Smart Chain network
  1. Go to pancakeswap, connect your metamask in « Binance smart chain network » mode then click on exchange, choose at the top the BNB and at the bottom click on « Select a cryptocurrency » and put our BSC address :



  1. Choose the number of SDT you want to buy and set the slippage until you can complete your purchase…


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