1. What is the specificity of your project, what makes it unique ?

Our project is unique because it is the only project in the cryptosphere that proposes to collect zakat and donations without giving a reward related to staking or investment because in Islam this is considered religiously forbidden and is called Ribba. This is proof that this project is not speculative and opportunistic.

2. Why should we help you with this project and buy your tokens, the SDT ?

This project has the noble objective of creating long term humanitarian projects, hospitals, schools, I specify that this project is apolitical and that is important! Then we feel concerned by the problems related to climate change and deforestation, when man goes wrong, the earth also goes wrong ...

This project is also profitable for investors, firstly on a spiritual level as the donations will be multiplied by God, for non-believers and speculators, it is enough to know that Zakat is paid every year and the donations during the month of Ramadan exceed millions of dollars worldwide.

3. Why did you choose anonymity ?

There is an important concept in Islam regarding almsgiving, it is Al Ikhlass, it is a sincerity with which we are supposed to act only for God and not to collect thanks or be exposed to ostentation.

Then I think the success of Bitcoin and Shiba Inu are related to this...

4. What guarantee do you have that you won't run away with the money like some scams and shitcoins ?

One of our mottos is transparency and as soon as we receive the first funds, a section will appear on our website to show the progress of the project and what we have achieved with evidence. We are also considering including a clause in our contract to avoid the capital being exclusively in the hands of certain people, and that they only own a part that put the project in danger.

5. Is the SADAQATOKEN token designed exclusively for the Muslim community ?

The SDT is not specific to Muslims, it is a humanitarian and environmental project, which is a common base for all humans. But Muslims could be the majority of investors as Zakat is a Muslim tax.

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