Cryptocurrency should not only be a tool for speculation or financial gain. Beyond the very interesting aspect of decentralization that crypto-currency and cryptography offer to secure exchanges.

There is also an aspect that should not be neglected, that of the Humanitarian and the Environment, by the latter I mean the problems linked to the carbon rate but also climate change. The scourges of poverty, deforestation and the increase in the earth’s temperature must be considered in the same way as the banking centralisation that Satoshi Nakamoto condemned.


This is why with SADAQATOKEN, I have focused greatly on these issues but with realism and without misplaced utopia, no question for example of omitting the benefit that cryptocurrency can provide and without neglecting the technical side, for example, our goal to create a revolutionary application to allow the payment of Zakat is an example.

I will be writing a full article on my website to explain what Zakat is, as it is not only beneficial to Muslims but to everyone to fight these plagues…

You only have to meditate on the potential of Zakat to understand what I am saying, a potential of 200 to 1000 billion… I can even add that Zakat is payable every year, that is how you understand its potential and why you need to get SDTs to hope for gains in the long run.



We are also looking at the creation of community cities to protect ourselves from future challenges of migration and climate change and its consequences such as poverty… To make this happen, we need the commitment of the SADAQATOKEN community

In this project, we are actually all winners, provided that trust is established and that everyone knows how to take advantage of this project without encroaching on the rights of another. Investors are winners because the SDT guarantees a constant return of value, a regular curve, speculators are also winners, and beyond the financial aspect, poor people will benefit from this project, projects to limit the damage of climate change and deforestation will be financed by the purchase of the token, it is for me with all modesty, the solidarity and humanitarian BTC after the libertarian BTC of the cyberpunks…



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