I’m Sadoqi Eljabir, I’ll tell you right now, it’s an alias, I was inspired by Nakamoto and Ryoshi. I’m passionate about cryptocurrencies since 2014.
In fact, back in 2013, a friend of mine told me that he thought Bitcoin was going to be a huge success. During that year, I didn’t know what cryptocurrency was, then I got interested in it, I made some beginner mistakes, lost money, but also some gains. Then I studied cryptocurrency as an autodidact and follow some courses, and I became passionate and the world of cryptocurrencies evolves very quickly it is necessary to be constantly informed.
I come from the Muslim community and I can tell you that despite the fact that there are 1.8 billion of us on earth, the concept of cryptography is still very poorly understood and theologically still poorly understood. There are certainly exceptions like in Dubai or in ASIAN countries like Malaysia. I always understood that there was a huge potential in the Ummah (Muslim community) but I did not know what was the way to extract this potential and transform it into cryptographic energy and gain.
I’ve always been altruistic, a quality that sometimes comes at a high price, so I wondered how to reconcile the concept of altruism with that of cryptocurrency ?
I added the parameter of Satoshi’s anonymity and then was born in me the idea of a cryptocurrency founded by an anonymous person based on Zakat !!! Eureka !
Let me explain: Zakat is a tax that Muslims are supposed to pay once a year, which represents 2.5% of their savings and assets. The condition is that this Zakat exceeds the Nissab threshold, which is about the equivalent of 85 grams of gold. This Nissab must not fall below this threshold for a full year. In general, those who pay it are those who have savings and are mostly from the middle class.
I am convinced that the crypto-currency will impose itself in the World as a means of payment and in replacement of the current monetary system. Muslims, despite their reluctance and pragmatism of state and conformist origin, will eventually accept and use cryptocurrency.
Convincing Muslims to pay Zakat will make it possible to fund humanitarian projects with a capital H, as well as projects that are part of the fight against climate change and deforestation.  Understand that there are 1.8 billion Muslims, all potential Zakat donors. So I decided to create with my limited knowledge the SDT, the SADAQATOKEN, SADAQA means Alms, as in Judaism « Tsadaqa » ….
Numbers of muslims in World

What is the SDT ?


The SDT is a cryptocurrency created using Solidity’s Smart Chain Binance computer language. I had to determine the total supply, to avoid burning tokens, I decided to limit the total supply to 1 billion.

I also created a tokenism that I consider balanced; I still have to protect my token from whales, to make it a fair token, where everyone would have a chance. I also designed a website, I should mention that I did everything myself, sometimes using members of my freelance team.

But of course I didn’t stop there, I also created a Whitepaper that explains my project, I also created a Roadmap, a Pitch Deck and a Tokenomic metrics. For those who want to know more, check out my website.
Then I created social networks to spread my project, and I had to think about financing, the decisive step, it’s not the joy at the moment concerning this step, but I believe in my project, I just have to find the right people who are like me, those who want the good of the World. I have therefore initiated crowdfunding in order to hope for financing, sincerely without influencers, without a large circle of friends, it is a difficult undertaking but not impossible.
By the way, any help is welcome, my contact email : contact@sadaqatoken.org

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